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If you are smoking cigarettes, there are many compelling reasons for you to stop and quit doing it. The rewards of quitting are remarkable, and they start instantaneously. You’ll experience the benefits of not smoking within the first 20 minutes you’ve decided to stop. As your smoke free days accumulate, you will experience more of its benefits.

Quitting smoking will greatly improve your health and your everyday life. The effect is immediate and long term. You will get the benefits in ways that you have never have imagined. Millions and millions of Americans get health problems as caused by smoking. Smoking harms almost all of the body organs and weakens overall health. Smoking may also cause stroke, heart disease, osteoporosis, cataracts and lung diseases including chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

It’s not too late to reverse the effects of smoking. Vaping and e-cigarette is a good option to gradually get out of the smoking habit. Health risks related to E-cigarette are minimal. In fact, vape devices have less than 5% of the risks as in smoking. Chemicals in e-cigarettes have very minimal health risk. Also, all chemicals that cause smoking related diseases are not found in e-cigarettes. So it is safe to say that vaping is a lot safer option for those who crave for smoking sensation.

Lastly, vaping is not linked with any of the risks to bystanders compared to secondhand smoke from cigarettes. The vapor only contains tiny particles exhaled by the smoker. It is also at incredibly low level. Therefore, it doesn’t pose identifiable risk to others.

Vape side effects are insignificant and often the solution is boiled down to finding the right e-liquid and nicotine strength.